06/ Why these posts are in the Top 9 Grid of March?

Hello again, welcome back to my blog. If you are following me on Instagram for a very long time, you probably know that I make Top 9 Grid of each month at the end. This grid is the Top 9 of March and here’s the story behind each post.


This post was about the current state of Syria. As most of you already know life in Syria is not that easy as other parts of the world. Being a coin collector from my childhood, I had some Syrian Pounds with me. I posted this post on March 1, considering that all who are reading the caption are capable of donating some amount of money organisations who are working for human welfare in Syria. The current state of social media allows us to share our opinion. However, it’s equally important to help each other at the darkest time as it’s also very easy to make online payment. So if you see something wrong happening around you or in the world where you live in, you can either tweet about it, post on Facebook and Instagram or you can donate some amount of money to make a difference. I recommend doing both.

PS: I donated on the same day.


This post was for my daughter Lara. She turned two this March 2. It was quite emotional for me as I was not with her on this occasion. Made a video and shared on Facebook about my opinion on why it’s tough. BTW am 24 and am technically not a father. But am a father. She’s a pug. The cutest one.


Posted this on March 6. I am a huge fan of Oreo biscuits and most of you also. Guess what!! March 6th is celebrated as Oreo Day. I didn’t know that till now. This is why I love this process of making these posts every day. I get to know a lot of new stuffs every single day.


This is the best post on my account so far. Posted this loop video on March 14th and this video got featured by Google. I have a separate blog on how I got featured on Google. If you haven’t read that one consider reading it. I believe you can get some valuable insights there about Organic Targeting.


March 19, 2018! This was a funny day. We ran out of Gas and the Induction Cooker was not working. So I posted a story about that in the afternoon. Then one of my local friend suggested about this place which is very close to my house and the tables they have are with black surface.


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Hello there. Last night I watched this tutorial on “How to make Chai” by Kenny Sebastian (@kennethseb). It was super awesome. As you guys are interested for Chai Recipe let me explain what I’ve learned from this tutorial. Ingredients in proportion: 1. Dudh/Milk: Swaad Anusaar 2. Paanee/Water: Swaad Anusaar 3. Cheenee/Sugar: Swaad Anusaar 4. Adarak/Ginger: Swaad Anusaar Yah, Coz #ChaiIsAFeeling not a Proportion. Here are some Dos and Don’ts for beginners. Dos: Mix water and milk before boiling. Be productive and make the best use of the time that required by the milk to reach the boiling point. (Don’t start a conversation on your Goa trip). Ignore that guy who constantly pokes you to check if the Milk is boiled or not. Don’ts: No garlic, No Cardamom, No Cinnamon, No Qutiyapa. This is home made tea. Do not add Coconut. #DontBeThatGuy. No velvet cloth with Induction cooker. That’s it. If you haven’t watched this full video yet for any reason go to @youtube and search for #ChaiTimeWithKennySebastian. Thank you #KennySebastian ! .. . . . #ChroniclesOfChai #BoloChai #OnTheTable #shotonpixel2 #teampixel #pixel2 #HandsInFrame #VSCOIndia #MoodyGrams #MoodyIndia #HyderabadBlogger #IndianBlogger #Hyderabad #India #TeaLover #CupsInFrame #TeaAddict #IndianTea #tea #chai #lovetea #teatime #VSCO #VSCOx #VSCOcam #chaivibesonly

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This is another video on my account which I like the most. It’s a stand-up comedy sketch by Kenny Sebastian. I watched this series “Chai Time with Kenny Sebastian” and I found this very interesting as he mentioned this. “Chai is a Feeling not a Proportion”. Also there is a popular tag #ChaiIsAFeeling which I’ve been using on my posts for a very long time.


This post is from March 27. The day I decided to leave @hellohyderabad. I have been selecting posts and conducting events, Live Talks for this community for last two years. But currently there are so much of negativity and I know people say “You should not focus on negativity” or “Fight against Negativity”. But it’s not a overnight process. It takes time. So I took this decision. Though I didn’t mention any of those on that post. But that’s the background story of it.


This post was a birthday wish post for Tanya (@tanyakhanijow on Instagram). I came to know about her when I got featured on Google. She got featured on Google on the same day as well. What an inspiring personality. Do check this post on Instagram if you have missed the caption. Also do follow her and subscribe to her YouTube channel. She’s a full time Travel Vlogger.


This post was the last post of the month and it was for @zuvamart Junior. As I realized I am documenting my life now every single day and these posts gonna stay here forever. So chances are there @zuvamart Junior might stumble upon this account during her/his Instagram era. So yah. It’s a letter for the junior.

That’s It! These are the top 9 posts of March not on the basis of likes or engagements. But on the basis of the story behind these pictures and why I like them more. Follow me on social media (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook) if you haven’t already and thank you for being a part of this journey.


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