05/ How I got featured on Google.

Last month one of my Instagram videos got featured on Google. I was super excited when I got the notification “@google wants to send you a message”. I was so excited that I took a screenshot of the notification. Got a lot of questions like how this happened and if there is any trick? So this blog is the behind the story of me being featured on Google.

First let’s talk about the content. Coz, I prioritise content first. I never got worried about unfollowers or the followers count specifically for this account. I started this account with zero expectation. Never worried about the stats. You can see, I didn’t even convert this to a business page. Obviously converting the page to a business page can help me a lot at this point as I am quite good at understanding human social behaviour and targeting people to follow me or consume my content. But I believe this is not the point where I should do a single marketing campaign for this page. Coz, I’m not selling anything here. It’s the thing that am doing for myself. I enjoy this process. Doing the same thing everyday and creating something new in micro level. Sometimes it takes 2-3 minutes to click and post. Sometimes it takes hours. But I enjoy the process. I know organic growth in this current state of social media is a myth. But when you go all in in creating, you’ll forget about the growth. Also I want to make this point clear that some of my posts are targeted posts those worked organically. I did this for multiple incidents on this account. Just realised that this is a blog and not a book so let’s get directly to the point. And if you’re reading this blog word by word, sorry for this paragraph. Lol!

So! The content.

This small loop video is a combination of 16 pictures each with one more biscuit in an increment order. I don’t know if the last sentence was correct or not but I hope you understood it. I’m not good at complex sentence formation. I should have attended my classes more carefully. Anyway, back to the content. The plan was to create this loop video but in an easier way. The planning was done a day before the shoot and the plan was to create a loop video with 16 frames on Adobe Photoshop. On the day of shoot I shot all the pictures and applied the same filters to all on VSCOx. In general I shoot the photos in the morning around 8 or 9 am and post them in the afternoon. On that day also I did the same thing. Shot all the pictures in the morning and started the editing process in the afternoon. For some reason I was unable to add all the frames to the sequence on Adobe Photoshop. If you have worked on Adobe Photoshop you can understand the following. While adding all 16 frames from Layers to Sequence I was getting the copies of 16th Layer only. That was super frustrating. Then I watched couple of YouTube tutorials to check if I was doing anything wrong. After watching 5-6 videos I realised that the issue is with the Software not me. At that time I didn’t have any alternate plan or the Light source to take a different picture. Also I was out of chai. I consume only two to three cups of chai at home (per day).

Suddenly I realised that I can use Adobe Premiere Pro to create the loop video that I wanted. By that time I have already received 6-7 messages about the post of that day. Then I started working on Premiere Pro and finished editing that video within the next one hour. Yes! One Hour for a 9 second loop video. My computer is 4 years old and its a windows laptop and it takes a lot of time. Then emailed that video to my phone and posted it on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. This was a targeted post. It was targeted for Parle-G not for Google. So I tagged this post to Parle-G and Parle products on all the platforms. 12 hours passed. Nothing happened. I have planned for the next day shot at that time and I was about to sleep. I was checking my phone for one last time before going to bed and this notification popped up.


My roommates were sleeping at that time. I ran into the next room and told them about this. That was my first reaction. Then I followed all the instructions as per the message from Google and I got the reply as I have became the Official #TeamPixel Member and also I came to know that there is a difference between using #TeamPixel on Instagram and becoming one official Team Pixel Member. There are lot of other benefits. I won’t reveal them now. Follow me on all my social media accounts and you will get to know eventually.

So here’s what I believe how I got featured on Google and became an Official Team Pixel member. Honestly there is no such tricks or hacks.

  1. The loop video that I posted was made with photos those were captured by Google Pixel 2 like most other photos on my account and I’ve used the tag #TeamPixel.
  2. I have gone through all the accounts who were featured on Google on the same day and I found that all of them were niche specific. My account is niche specific too. Creating a niche specific account is one of the best organic growth strategy. Niche specific accounts get the attention easily. Coz, I have seen completely unknown people coming to my account, liking multiple photos on a row and sharing a story about my account and becoming friends through starting a conversation/appreciation on DM.
  3. The third and the most important thing can be explained with these two quotes; “Doing the right thing is always the right thing” and “Stop complaining, Start doing!”. These are the two quotes by @garyvee the man who pushed me a lot in my freelance career, understanding Social media strategy, Human social behaviour, Business. I could have complained about Photoshop not working on that day or not enough light to create an alternate post for that day. But I didn’t.

BTW the targeting also worked! Parle-G did notice the post on Instagram and Twitter the next day. So that’s it. There was no shortcut. Ending this blog with a screenshot of a comment from Mondira aunty.

Follow me on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook if you haven’t already and thank you for being a part of this journey.


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