03/ Story behind the best 9 photos of February 2018

Hello Tea lovers…

These are the top 9 photos of February 2018 those I personally like the most. These are not based on the number of likes or comments. There is specific reason for each one. so here it is..

I’ve designed this blog for mobile users only. So if you’re using a high definition monitor to read this blog, you may not get the same experience. Please go through this blog on your phone.

01: This is the first photo where I’ve figured out how to show both the hands in the frame. I shoot most of my photos on smartphone, it’s very easy to setup an over head rig for these flatlay photos.

02: Photowalks are really special to me. This post was about the upcoming WWIM/worldwide InstaMeet.

03: This post is about #HHPhotoWalk, that we have organised in Hyderabad. This event got featured in TOI and the newspaper in the frame is the article about the photowalk.

04: This post is about my daily morning routine. I read a poetry from this book by Sunaina Patnaik every morning and I listen to this same podcast by @garyvee every morning.

05: This post is about an Artist Rohit Sony. I met him during an InstaMeet. I always believe in adding value for artists. So this post is dedicated to him and his artwork.

06: This was Chinese New Year (February 16, 2018). This is dedicated to Chinese Instagram Community. I had this passion of collecting coins in my childhood. I still have those coins and I used all those Chinese coins to make this heart shape for this photo.

07: This post is about the new ₹200 by Indian Government and a little awareness for not to ruin the new notes by writing anything on the note. Also this is the first ₹200 note that I’ve got.

08: This post is very special to me. In this post I was showing the map of the place where we were about to leave the next morning for Episode 14 of Crush It. Click Here to know more about Crush It.

09: This is the best post of February 2018 and let me tell you I didn’t take this photo. This photo was taken by @karthikabhiram one of the best Instagrammer I have ever met. Thank you so much for this photo. This photo was taken at Gunupur after the Crush It episode 14. Prof. Amiya Sahoo Sir invited us (Me, Karthik Sir & Ankit) to his house for tea after dinner. The tea was amazing and the cups were even more awesome.

So that’s it. These are my favourite 9 photos from February 2018. Let me know which photo you liked the most. Also you can visit my Instagram account @zuvamart and check the other photos I’ve posted in February and before that. I post at least one photo everyday.


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