01/ “Wo bhi Chai ki Diwani!”

Hello there!

Welcome to my “Chai Blog”. Today is February 26, 2018 and this is the chai flatlay of the day. Processed with VSCO with u3 preset

The Chai Story:

Got this magazine from my zugadu friend Zubber. I was going through this magazine (just browsing, looking at the pictures), then I found this article and this picture of Jacqueline Fernandez with a Chai cup. Found this interesting and read the entire article. The article was quite good but there was nothing about chai. Chai was a clickbait for me. LOL!

Shot with: Samsung Galaxy J7 2015 Edition

Edited with: Snapseed , VSCOx

For those who are new here, let me introduce myself. I am Subham; Photographer and Social Media Manager. I work on Facebook and Instagram Ad product and develop strategy for brands to run campaigns on several Internet platforms.

This is one of my interests. I take a photo of Chai (Tea) every single day and I try to relate it to my daily life on these flatlay photos by putting other elements on the picture which are relevant to me or to the story that am trying to tell through that picture. Most of these pictures, I took them on phones. Some of them are also taken on a DSLR (Canon 1300d + 18-55mm variable aperture lens).

Instagram: @zuvamart

Twitter: @zuvamart


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