Things you should know before starting a “Medium blog”.

Medium is a blogging platform like WordPress and BlogSpot. But it is one of the popular blogging platform among all. Mostly because, the mobile application of this blog is supper easy to use and bug free. If you want to start a “Medium blog” then go through this blog. I believe you will find this helpful. 

What makes Medium an awesome platform for blogging?

🌱  “Medium” is a clean and simple blogging platform and it is different from BlogSpot and WordPress in terms of customization options. “Medium” is a social platform kind of like your Facebook or Twitter account, where you need to put a Profile picture and a bio, some useful links. Then you can start posting your blogs.

🌱 It does not have widget, template, customized menu etc. which makes this very simple for users.

🌱 The mobile app of “Medium” is very simple compared to WordPress and BlogSpot mobile app. So you can write your blog and save them as draft and post them anytime you want.

🌱 Apart from text you can add photos, videos, embedded posts etc.

🌱 Creating an account is also very simple. You may use your Email ID or Google/Facebook account to register.

🌱 You can add 5 search tags on each of your posts.

🌱 You can also earn money by writing blogs on “Medium”. But, if you are a beginner, consider posting your blogs for free. If you have really good content which you think are valuable for a large number of people in such cases you may post them for the “Members only” section. But make sure to go through the terms and condition as they won’t allow every post for monetization.

🌱 Auto share options are available in Medium. While publishing your posts, make sure to tick for Facebook and Twitter.

🌱 You can see the stats of your posts in terms of views and reads.

🌱 Like Facebook and Twitter, Medium has it’s native button which is “Clap”. If you like a blog, you can clap on it. If you click on clap for multiple times, it will increase the number of claps.

🌱 You can follow other bloggers and comment on their blogs as well.

🌱 Medium account URLs are different from Facebook and Twitter so make sure to use the ‘@’ while sharing your link with anyone.


Facebook URL:

Twitter URL:

Medium URL:

Tap on this picture 👆


So these are the basic things you should know before starting  a blog on “Medium”. Basically it’s your Facebook wall for people who are interested in reading. While writing Medium blogs make sure to pay attention to the “read time”. Most popular blogs on Medium are “3 min reads”. Let me know if you find this blog useful and if you have any questions, do ask on the comments. I will answer to your questions. You can follow me on Medium.



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