How to add Solid Background to your Instagram Story?

Most of the time we need a solid background for our Instagram Story when we want to write a message on it. You may download a fancy background with good texture and use it or you may follow this tip and create a solid background within Instagram.

  1. Open Instagram & go to Stories.
  2. Take a picture or select one from your Gallery.
  3. Tap on the “Brush Icon” from the top tool bar.
  4. Go to bottom tool bar and select a colour. You may select a colour which is available on the tool bar or you may tap & hold on a colour to get additional colours with different colour intensity.
  5. This is the final step. Tap and hold on the screen/picture you have imported to Story. You will get the solid background. Then hit the tick mark at the top right corner of the screen.

Additional tip: This process works with video files as well. As you all know if you video stories get more views. So try importing a video and then proceed with above 5 steps to make the background solid then type your message.

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