Preset 01: Winter Fantasia

This Lightroom Preset works perfect with the pictures which have green and light blue in the background. The subject should be in white or any light color with decent amount of contrast. Also it will look good if there is a foreground subject with orange color like in the below picture.

This Preset reduces the contrast of the blue color in the background by increasing the light and it increases the amount of shadow. It converts the green into orange and the blue into teal. So this preset also comes under “Blue & Teal” preset family. This preset may not look similar in all pictures depending upon the light and shadow present in the image. However, you can always adjust these parameters in Lightroom and you can also use Photoshop to make some changes.

This Lightroom Preset also works on JPEG format. So if you are starting photography and you do not shoot in RAW or if you are using a camera/phone that does not provide the option to shoot in RAW, you can definitely use this preset. In fact, all the preset I have designed can be used for JPEG format. You can also use these presets on your phone photographs.

Here is the final image.

Click here to download the “Winter Fantasia” Lightroom Preset for FREE. Beginners, Click here to know how to install a Lightroom Preset in your Adobe Lightroom.

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