How to Install a Lightroom Preset

If you are new to Adobe Lightroom or if you have just downloaded a FREE Lightroom preset from my Blog or any where in the Internet, you may follow these simple steps to install the downloaded Lighroom Preset on your Adobe Lightroom Program. This tutorial is for Windows PC.

  1. Unzip the downloaded preset zip file.
  2. You can find a file with .lrtemplate extension. this is the Preset File that you have to install.
  3. Launch Adobe Lighroom program on your computer.
  4. On the top navigation bar, Go to “Develop” and Click on “New Preset Folder“.
  5. Now rename the folder as per your convenience. For better identification it is recommended to name the folder same as that of the Preset.
  6. Now right click on the preset folder and click on “Import“. Now you can import the .lrtemplate file to this folder from your computer and that all. You are now ready to use the Preset on your picture.

Note: Do not delete the .lrtemplate file from your computer.


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