WB#3: Breakfast Diaries

This is my 3rd weekly blog. This blog is about all the food photographs those I have taken with phones. Mostly they are taken with Galaxy J7 (2015) and the Moto G3 and edited with VSCO, Snapseed. All these pictures are available in my Instagram account @zuvam.

These photographs include daily breakfasts made at home, at restaurants, some Bday cakes and a lot of tea cups. Most of them are taken on the floor and others are on table. All these pictures are in top view and mostly cropped in squares.

PS: Not all of these pictures are breakfast.

This is “gulab jamun” an Indian sweet dish. This was made by my mom.

This is a homemade cake prepared by my mom. I don’t know the exact name of this cake but it tastes exactly like pizza.

This is “Maggie” the favorite Indian breakfast for students along with a cup of tea.

This is “Red tea”. I don’t like it that much. But sometimes I need it badly.

This is the Hyderabad famous “Irani Chai” from a tea stall.

This is homemade “Chicken curry” prepared by my friend Ragini.

This is a cup of “Black coffee”.

A “Donut
A cup of normal tea at a tea stall.
This tea is made by me.
These are some nuts, i need them while doing any work on my computer.

This is homemade “Bread sandwich”.

This is again “Maggie” prepared in a bulk for 5-6 members. The background is a yoga mat.

This was the Bday cake for my sister.

This is “Chicken 65 biryani” at a local restaurant in Hyderabad.

This is a full chicken body for a “Roasted chicken”.

This is a cup of coffee made by my sister.

This is Maggie. Again!!

This is “veg salad”.

This is Fried rice.
Bday cake for a colleague.

This is homemade “anda bhurji” or “Egg bhurji”.

This is my favorite, “Corona”.

So, these are all the pictures. Hope you like them. Do check my Instagram account for more pictures.


Author: @zuvam

Tech blogger, Photographer and founder of THN - The Hello Network

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