WB#2: Shameerpet lake & Alankrita resort.

Recently I have visited Shameerpet Lake, Hyderabad. I have taken these photos Moto G3, edited with Snapseed and VSCO.

This one is the first photo of the day. The breakfast was really good. I like taking these kind of “top view” photos of food plate. Using the “Healing tool” in Snapseed I have turned the corners on the background in to black and removed the unwanted stuffs present on the table.

This is the first photo at the lake. I have taken my Nikon D750 and most other photos I have taken with the D750 + 24-70mm. But all the photos in this gallery are taken with the Moto G3 only. Though it is a budget smartphone, but I love the picture quality.

This is the nearest spot to the lake. This photo was edited with Snapseed and in this photo I have decreased the “Ambiance” and “Shadow” a little bit and increased “contrast” in minimum amount. These features are available under “Tune image” in Snapseed.

Processed with VSCO with acg preset

This one is a picture of the water touching the rock present over there. I have edited this picture with VSCO and applied the text effect in Snapseed.

This is the only picture in this gallery which is directly from the camera of the Moto G3.

Then we went to Alankrita resorts which is near to this lake and the rest of the photo are from the resort.

Just a selfie.

These people are decorating this place for a wedding.

This is at the outdoor playground and the last picture of this gallery.



Author: @zuvam

Tech blogger, Photographer and founder of THN - The Hello Network

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