What is Instagram business account?

Recently we have changed @hellohyderabad to a business account. Though it is not a business page but still we got a chance to do it. Read this article to know the key features and benefits of the Instagram Business Account.

It was August 19, 2016 (World photography day) when we got a surprise from Instagram. I was proceeding with my daily schedule of featuring Instagram artists in our community pages. I logged in to @hellohyderabad and there was a notification asking me to change the account to a business account. At first I thought it is some kind of paid thing. Then I thought of watching some videos about it but none of them were indicating if the business pages are paid or free. Then something from my inside whispered ‘lets do it’. I followed the directions and it’s done. The best part was its free. Not only that! Trust me on this, it has all the features that a business needs to target your customers.

So here are the benefits of the Instagram business account.

1. Integration with Facebook page:
Instagram now allows you to connect to your Facebook page, where you can directly share your Instagram posts to your Facebook page.

zuvamart instagram business page 1

Instagram now allows you to share the posts via Facebook messenger as well. This is not actually the part of the Business page. It is available for all. To share your posts via messenger, tap on a picture and then go to Options > Share on Messenger.

zuvamart instagram business page 2

2. Business contact information:
If you are doing any sorts of business, the most basic needs would be a contact number, an email address and a permanent address. This Instagram business page allows you to add them to your account as well. Also the new interface now shows a contact button. You can make changes to the business contact information at anytime by tapping on “Edit profile” button. The integration of Facebook page with your Instagram account will also show the type of page that you are running.

e.g. @hellohyderabad is a community page. We have linked it to our Facebook page “THN- The Hello Network”. In the Settings of the Facebook page, we have mentioned it as a community page. So now it also appears under the page name in the Instagram page. This helps to reduce the description text content so that you can make it short and Simple.

zuvamart instagram business page 3zuvamart instagram business page 4

NOTE: Business contact information and private contact information are different.

zuvamart instagram business page 5

3. Post insights:
Now in the Instagram business page, you can see the individual post performance/statistics. You will get an option to “View insight” below each post. By tapping on this option, you will get the “Impressions” , “Reach” and “Engagement” numbers of that particular post. So what do they mean? Well Instagram business page also describes it on the same pop up window.

zuvamart instagram business page 6

4. Page Insights:
This is the most interesting part of the Instagram business page. There are actually three parts to it. The first part shows the weekly impressions, reach and click on the web-link.zuvamart instagram business page 7

The next part shows the top posts of last 7 days. There is a see more option. By tapping on that it will show all the pictures of last 7 days including the impression numbers.zuvamart instagram business page 8

The next part is labelled as Followers. It shows a graph of average time your followers stay online in a day. By clicking on ‘see more’ in this section, you can see the total follower number and the number of new followers in that week. Here are some more features which you might have already seen if you are running any Facebook page.zuvamart instagram business page 9zuvamart instagram business page 10

As you are now aware of the features and benefits of the Instagram business account, you might have this question. How to change the account to a business account? Well its very easy. Follow the below steps to do it properly.
1. Log in to your Instagram account.
2. Tap on Options.
3. Scroll down to Accounts.
4. Tap on “Switch to business account”.

NOTE: All the users may not get this option. There is no specific algorithm by which Instagram selects the accounts and gives them the option to switch. It’s just random. If you are not getting this option, please log out and log in again or log in from a different device.

So why should I switch to business account?

If you are not into Business, then you might think that why should I switch my account to a Business account? Well the answer is –
1. You can know from where your followers are.
2. You can know what kind of contents your followers do like?
3. At what time of the day, your followers are mostly active?

All these features will indeed help you know how you can improve your Instagram feed. Instagram has launched a lot of features this year and the Business account is one of the best. So make the best use of it.

Thank you for reading till the end. I hope it proves helpful for you. If you have any questions, you may go to Instagram and use the contact button in my Instagram account @zuvam / @subham_swain . Both are business accounts now. Also if you have noticed any other feature about this major update, please do share in the comments.

* All the screenshots are taken from @hellohyderabad and I do not hold any copyright on the images present in the background. The screenshots are used to explain the features only. Go to @hellohyderabad and check out awesome contents that we post daily.


Author: @zuvam

Tech blogger, Photographer and founder of THN - The Hello Network

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