What is Instagram business account?

On August 19, 2016 Instagram announced this new feature called “Instagram Business Account”. In this blog, I will explain everything about Instagram Business Account and I will also provide the step by step that you can follow to switch to a Business Account.  For this blog I will take @hellohyderabad as example. Our current post count is 1367 and follower count 6404.

Features of “Instagram Business Account”:

1. Integration with Facebook page:
Instagram now allows you to connect your account to your Facebook page, where you can directly share your Instagram posts. Also you have the direct share option for Facebook Messenger and there is a “Copy URL” option by which you can copy the posts and share them anywhere.

zuvamart instagram business page 1

zuvamart instagram business page 2

2. Business contact information:
The Instagram Business Account allows you to add your Business Contact Information (Phone number/Email ID or both), Physical address of your business.  Also the new interface now shows a contact button. You can make changes to the business contact information at anytime by tapping on “Edit profile” button. The new interface will also show the type of business that you are running.

e.g. @hellohyderabad is a community page and I have linked it to the respective Facebook page . In the Settings of Facebook page, we have mentioned it as a community page. So now it also appears under the page name on Instagram. This helps to reduce the size of the Instagram bio.

zuvamart instagram business page 3
Page type “Community” is automatically added.

zuvamart instagram business page 4

NOTE: Business contact information and private contact information are different.

zuvamart instagram business page 5

3. Post insights:
On the Instagram business page, you can see individual post performance. Each post after you put after switching to Business account will have a “View insight” option. By tapping on that, you will get the “Impressions” , “Reach” and “Engagement” numbers of that post. So what do they mean? Well Instagram business page also describes it on the same pop-up window.

zuvamart instagram business page 6

4. Page Insights:
This is the most interesting part of the Instagram business page. There are actually three parts to it. The first part shows the weekly impressions, reach and click on the web-link.zuvamart instagram business page 7

The next part shows the top posts of last 7 days. There is a “see more” option. By tapping on that it will show all the pictures of last 7 days including the impression numbers. By tapping on the texts in blue colour you can filter.

e.g. you can tap on “All” and change it to only photos or videos. Instead of 7 days you can see the impressions or engagement or likes/comments for over a certain period (a month/a year/since beginning).zuvamart instagram business page 8

The next part is labelled as Followers. It shows a graph of average time your followers stay online in a day. By clicking on “see more”, you can see the number of new followers in that week. Also there are a lot of parameters that you can see on the image below. zuvamart instagram business page 9zuvamart instagram business page 10

As you are now aware of the features and benefits of the Instagram business account, you might have this question. How to change the account to a business account? Well its very easy. Follow the below steps to switch to a business account.
1. Log in to your Instagram account.
2. Tap on Options(3 dots on the top right corner).
3. Scroll down to Accounts.
4. Tap on “Switch to business account”.

So why should you switch to business account?

1. You can know from where your followers are so that you can use appropriate hash tags or post the content for your real audience.
2. You can know what kind of contents are getting the most impression so that it can help you to shape your account to a proper niche.
3. You can know the best time to post your content to get the best engagement.

4. If you have an actual business, you can use all the above mentioned statistics to make changes in your marketing strategy.

All these features will indeed help you know how you can improve your Instagram feed. Instagram has launched a lot of features this year and the Business account is one of the best. So make the best use of it.

Thank you for reading till the end. I hope it proves helpful for you. If you have any questions, you may go to Instagram and use the contact button in my Instagram account @zuvam / @zuvamart . Also if you have noticed any other feature about this major update, please do share in the comments.

* All the screenshots are taken from @hellohyderabad and I do not hold any copyright on the images present in the background. The screenshots are used to explain the features only. Go to @hellohyderabad and check more awesome contents that we post daily.


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